How Search engine works when you are Searching Something!

Today everyone gets any information while sitting anywhere you just have to type the keywords what you are looking for on the search engine then automatically a  large collection of information display front of your eyes.  So, search engine plays a big role.

What is  Search engine?

 Search engine is a software or programs that help to search the information containing keywords as per user’s query on the world wide web.

Some popular search engine :





How does Google search engine work?  

There are basically three phases that not only Google search engine follow in fact all the search engine follows that

1. Crawling

2. Indexing

3. Retrieval


It is a process in which spider or a crawlers scans all the web pages of the websites including page title,  keywords and other pages it links to, etc.  When crawlers visit the web pages they take a copy of it called snapshot. Also when crawlers come to the page they leave their date and time when it was visited. If you want to check the last crawling visited your site

Then type “cache: Your URL”  on the search engine and hit enter.

 you will see the date and time of the snapshot.


Indexing is the process of making records of all fetched webpages and save into big database from where it can be later be recovered. To index your website

You have to create an XML sitemap for your website and submit to google webmaster tool.


In this step, results are to be served to us but it is not so simple process. There are millions of web pages of single search keyword and which webpage should be displayed on the search engine is a big task.

 Some algorithm is there in which the ranking of the pages has to be decided means which page should be displayed in the first rank, second rank, and soon. It requires a fraction of seconds to display the most relevant pages.

What does the Google Panda algorithm?

An algorithm update called Panda algorithm rolled out by the Google in  February 2011 whose aim is to lower the rank of the low-quality website and higher the rank of the deserving website containing the high-quality website. The name of this algorithm comes from a man name Navneet panda who developed this algorithm. This is also known as farmer update. it is a very important algorithm and it will update time to time as per user experience, if someone using duplicate content, low count content, poor research and using a lot of keywords on their page then it will penalize their website. Panda algorithm comes for giving you unique, useful and fresh content as per user interest.


This is the short brief about how the search engine will work when anyone searches and lots of things are there to explore more and more to gain detailed knowledge.

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