An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical name that is allocated to each and every device that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. without IP address gadgets can’t connect with one another or with World Wide Web.
An IP address is classified into:
The two versions of IP address are –
IPv4: This is mostly used
IPv6: This is the most recent innovation of IP.
The fundamental motivation behind IPv6 is to address the problems of rapid growth in the development of Technologies and demand for more IP Addressess.
At first, an IP address was characterized as a 32-bit number. This framework came to be known as IPv4 (Internet Protocol form 4). IPv4 utilizes 32-bit (four-byte) addresses, which confines the location space to 2^32 locations. Because of this impediment and extraordinary increment in gadgets getting to web, IPv6 was created during the 1990s. IPv4 addresses might be spoken to in any documentation communicating a 32-bit whole number value. They are regularly written in the single dot documentation, which comprises of four octates of the location communicated exclusively in decimal numbers and isolated by periods.

On the other hand, IPv6 addresses are 128 piece length and are binary numbers represented
in hexadecimal. With the expansion in location measure from 32 to 128 bits (16 octets), along these lines giving up to 2^128 address. This is considered adequate for the predictable future.It empowers parcel stream recognizable proof which isn’t accessible in IPv4. Additionally, the ARP( Address resolution protocol to outline delivers to MAC address) system in IPv4 is replaced with NDP( Neighbor revelation convention).

You may find your PC Address by going to the google and type WHAT IS MY IP Address then it will show your public IP address.
The most effective method to Find My IP Address On A Mac:

For Mac clients, the topic of how to discover my IP address can be replied by opening up your Terminal program and composing ”ifconfig” at the brief. (Terminal is a program that comes free and introduced as a matter of course on each Macintosh, and is situated in Applications, under the Utility organizer.)

Step by step instructions to Find My IP Address On A PC

For Windows clients, here are the means by which You can discover the IP address. Initially, click the Start Menu, and select Run. Next, type ”cmd” into the crate and snap the ”OK” catch. At long last, at the brief, type ”ipconfig” and data about your IP Address will be shown.

Instructions to Find My IP Address On Linux

Next, how would I discover my IP address on a machine running Linux? On a Linux System, You can discover the IP address by composing ”ifconfig” at the brief, which will yield data about the IP Address

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